im recovering today, im thinking i might need to make updates every other week unless its an easy page. end of ch 4 is just extremely work intensive and i dont wanna burn out/hate myself/hate doing SURREALITY, god forbiD

also i wanna make all the cool looking panels just as cool as possible and i wont be able to do that if im on the verge of committing suicide

if this sounds like too much time, much more than others, keep in mind that the amount of stuff going on in my comic and shit is just, a lot, is much more than, maybe not every comic but certainly more than any ive read (except homestuck maybe). that makes the amount of time spend working on updates a LOT longer than it would be otherwise. also im extremely mentally ill and youre just going to have to learn to come to terms with that and the fact that because of that i cant work at the same rate or way as everyone else

if you go slow and consistent with your work youll get faster so ill get faster the better i get at managing my problems so ill probably get faster at this, but when the alice section starts ill definitely be going slow again (youll see why when i do it)

after that ill prob take a break at the end of chapter 4 to do something else real quick that only patreon supporters know about

if ur not a patreon supporter and wanna kno what it is, too bad lol support my patreon