Hi guys, bad news.

I realized there’s some logic errors from the beginning of the comic I haven’t fixed yet and I don’t wanna go forward with what I’m about to do without fixing them.

There’s something very cool thats lowkey going on in the Maggie section that is pretty much impossible to know unless I fix this stuff and I can’t in good conscience continue this section without fixing this stuff I’ve been putting off.

It’s a very cool and important thing but NO ONE is going to know what it is unless I fix this.
And even if you dont care and you just want to be able to enjoy the current maggie stuff and not some stupid in-the-background plotline, I do! I want this story to be the best i can make it, its very important to me, and i dont wanna have these freakin logic errors in here when im trying to write something that’s referencing something from earlier in the comic.

I will be updating some of the older pages and I’ll also see if I can do that without you guys getting notified that they are being updated, so you don’t know what it is specifically that I’m doing.

Sorry kids!! this is my Very Important Awesome Amazing comic and i dont want it to be sloppy. I want it to be a fun, cool ride to read, with a million different secrets hidden inside it.
I don’t know how long this will take, but it shouldn’t be SUPER long. I’ll let you know when I’m done. Tah!