These here folks are gonna be workin’ together to make multiple wicked sick Surreality games!


Tentabrobpy - Programmer



Winston, aka Tentabrobpy, is a high-school student, aspiring video game programmer, and certified Microsoft Word Specialist. He is against drugs and copyright and, in his free time, he draws funny pictures which he always saves as JPEG. A man with a simple mind, Winston enjoys Surreality for its strange metaphysical plot, wild art style, and dark humor. Ashes is the most powerful person he knows and he hopes to serve them well as a member of the Surreality crew.



Ambrose Hersman


Ambrose enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic candle lit dinners, and comics about teens with unfortunate powers that constantly threaten to destroy the universe. They  discovered Surreality while a small edgy teen by finding a Johnkat fanfic and askblog. They’ve been keeping up with it ever since due to having a strong interest in surreal horror and edgy goth humor. They believe that Surreality is something everyone should experience, and hopes that by helping making it into a game more people will come across it and hopefully be either positively impacted by it, or have nightmares for weeks. Also, Eeelheadman is pretty hot.




Musical Composer

Coffee is an electronic music artist currently located approximately 100 miles south of Area 51, where she was born. Her greatest achievement in life thus far was hacking Pitchforks 2012 readers poll and putting her own music on the list; now it’s making music for Ashes. One of her biggest goals in life is to produce music for video games, tv and film, and Capri Sun commercials, she can officially check one of off her list now. Coffee really adores Ashes art style and thinks its seriously pretty freaking rad. She is honored to lend her talents to this awesome crew and to Ashes.