Here are the head members of the Surreality Crew, a bunch of fans who help me with the comic for free because they believe in this project and what it’s trying to accomplish. They work very hard and deserve credit for their dedication. This page is about them and their positions, as well as their contact information in case you want to talk to them.


Fivetail - Editor



Five is a University undergraduate studying for dual bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology. As first-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, Five eventually learned that making people cry through spontaneous bouts of physical assault was considered “rude,” “illegal,” and “psychologically unstable.” Instead, they soon learned to use words to express their deepest thoughts, fears, and feelings, and over time, learned to hone their craft of emotionally traumatizing people through the art of creative writing. Five greatly admires Ashes for the constant hard work, effort, talent, and dedication Ashes has and has continued to pour into their work, and Five is honoured to be considered part of the Surreality crew.

Five believes that the world would be a much more interesting place if we were each given one chance to break the universe.



Art Assistant

Darryl is an Animation Student living Luxembourg who loves scary art and loud music. His biggest dream is to create the greatest animated horror movies in the history of motion picture – Luckily, Darryl always has a Plan B. Darryl was first introduced to Ashes after tumblr user “fnohomestuck” reblogged their gorey Johnkat fanart, where Darryl instantly fell in love with Ashes’ art. Ashes is a great inspiration to Darryl and Darryl looks up to their art, writing, and dark humour. Darryl is proud to help and work with Ashes and hopes to be doing so for as long as Ashes needs.


Myka Oaks - Art Assistant

Myka Oaks

Art Assistant

Myka is an artist, animator, and musician whose goal is to become the second-best and gothest producer of media in the world after Ashes. In their spare time they are studying to become a licensed radiology technician and vore god. Myka first read surreality when they were 14 or 15 years old and it shook them so deeply that the feeling and impact of it didn’t leave them for at least two days. Reading Surreality is probably the most important thing they have done for themselves in their life and it made them realize what kind of media they really loved and wanted to make. They did not know who ashes was after they first read Surreality and was pretty sure that ashes was not a human being. After they found out Ashes had a tumblr they wanted to talk to them and contribute to the comic immediately but was too shy and forgot so this position ashes has given to them now means so much so very very much and Myka is gonna cry. Myka really likes surreality.


James Nevermind - Social Media Representative/PR

James Nevermind

Social Media Representative and PR

James is an undergraduate bioengineering student and activist in a place. Even though he has an intense passion for science and medicine, he loves the visual arts and values creativity extremely. While not studying or working with Ashes, James spends his time supporting various causes, blocking traffic, knitting, and, like many college students, sleeping. One day he aspires to have seven rescue dogs, a house with a big back yard (for the dogs of course), and a collection of strange sex toys to put in a china cabinet. James has been with Surreality since very early on, first as a fan, then as a friend of Ashes, then a crew member. He greatly admires the work that Ashes puts into Surreality and the complexity of the comic. He also feels that the message promoted by Surreality is very important to today’s youth and hopes that it can impact your life as greatly as it has impacted his.






Mort is a part-time college student who creates art and music in their spare time. Their two favorite things are sequential art and hot wings. Mort discovered Surreality when they were an angry teen and found it very personally meaningful; as a post-teen they are excited to help it reach a wider audience.



Kelly - Video Editor


Video Editor

Kelly is a Kinetic Imaging undergrad from Virginia, pursuing a career in multimedia animation while dabbling in freelance illustration. She enjoys the finer things in life, such as wine, anime, and surrealist humor. First meeting Ashes via their spamming Kelly’s Tumblr inbox with bizarre requests, Ashes has been a demon plaguing the outskirts of her internet presence ever since. Kelly admires Ashes’ determination and work ethic, and is happy to lend her talents as a video editor to push Surreality to even broader horizons.


John Whitesell - Forums Admin

John Whitesell

Forums Admin

John Whitesell is an award winning grill operator at the Wendy’s at which he is employed. He enjoys video games and can run pretty fast if he has to. In his life, so far, he has held 7 different ferrets. His involvement in Surreality started around the release of the end of chapter 2. He made a name for himself and became a member of the crew by impersonating Andrew Hussie and performing inspirational speeches in Ashes’ ask box on tumblr.

John believes that if the rest of the world had even half of Ashes tenacity then society would be a better place and we probably would have flying cars.

skype: caffenefree

playstation network: caffene


iamded - Site Manager/Coder


Site Manager and Coder

Sam, aka Ded is a graphic design graduate from New Zealand. He also enjoys dabbling in illustration and sometimes works in cross-platform web design. Surreality hooked him in with it’s art style and zany intro and ended up completely changing his perspective on a lot of things. He is massively inspired by Ashes’ passion and enthusiasm and has high hopes for the Surreality series.