Yikes kids!! this month was a nightmare. got like, nothing done. then theres a bunch of family stuff going on thats NIGHTMARISH, that i will NOT go into, and a lyme specialist said i DONT ACTUALLY HAVE LYME and now they have to do more horrible tests on me. also because of trump, i have a lot of trouble getting the medication i need to function right now. last month was extremely difficult to produce in. sorry.

i have a new compromise. according to my patreon, ive lost some of my biggest benefactors ((my parents, because of medical bills)) that allowed me to update three days a week. so, we are back to saturdays only until i am able to get my funds back up again. this is actually something good for me right now i think, and will help me be able to get back to where i was again, and when i do get to that point again, bug your friends to support me so i can! HA. ok

this starts NEXT WEEK, NOT TODAY. i had appointments every day this week and im totally boned. bye kiddos