Q: What is Surreality about?

A: It’s about a bunch of kids who run around getting into various shenanigans at highschool.


Q: Yeah, right. What is it really about?

A: Alright, you caught me. Surreality is a very dark and graphic psychological horror.


Q: Who is Surreality for?

A: Surreality’s target audience is at-risk teens with either mental health or abuse related problems. If you are outside of this audience you can still enjoy Surreality, however, because you aren’t part of the group it was written for you may not understand some parts of it on an emotional level.


Q: How long is Surreality?

A: Surreality is a three book long trilogy as of now, each book with about six chapters. The books will be titled as followed: Surreality, Chthonica, and Predacean. There might be some other books within the universe released, and things like games will have extra information on the world of Surreality.


Q: Who writes and draws it?

A: Me, ASHES! I write and draw everything. Well, almost everything. I have an Art Assistant named Darryl who will do minor edits to pages for me when I’m too busy or too lazy to do them myself, and certain promotional art. I also have an Editor named Fivetail who I go to when I’m not sure my ideas make sense or are realistic for the characters. There are more Surreality Team members that I’m not mentioning, but these two are the ones most directly related to the production of the comic.


Q: You edit the pages?

A: Yes, as I work on Surreality I go back and rewrite things I think I could have conveyed better and redraw panels with particularly bad art. Surreality is as visually complex as it is in plot structure and I am very anal retentive that all of its elements fit perfectly and continue to do so as the story evolves.


Q: Will Surreality ever be in print?

A: I originally wrote Surreality to be read in book format, but there is a lot of color in Surreality (which is expensive to mass produce) and controversial content, which makes getting a publisher dubious. I will worry more about that when I have an entire book done and ready for publishing.


Q: It’s been a month since you last updated/those merch extras you promised never came through! What gives?

A: I have a lot of disorders and disabilities that sometimes prevent me from updating. And on top of that I’m a bit unreliable and lazy. For the merch extras, I’m simply pretty immature in the art field’s marketing aspect, and usually, so are the people I get to help me. Deals fall through, contracts are not taken seriously and forgotten. It happens sometimes, even though I try to prevent it. I do promise never to abandon Surreality as it is extremely important to me personally.


Q: Will Surreality ever be animated as a movie or show?

A: If you check out my Patreon, you will see that the more money I get, the more mediums I will be translating Surreality into with the help of my crew. So, maybe!


Q: Do you go to cons?

A: I’m nervous around big groups of people, but if I get enough money on my Patreon then I will definitely start attending cons! Until then probably not.


Q: What are you like? Can I be your friend?

A: I am a very silly person who is excessively strange and sometimes a bit of a jerk. I would be honored to be your friend.