ASHES is a person, probably. Maybe. In the happenstance that Ashes is, in fact, a human being, they would probably be 23 years old and attempting world domination at every opportunity due to being excissively evil. They are a very hard worker and care a lot about their comic, more than is probably normal. Ashes can transform into a 50 foot purple lizard at will and controls the world’s government from behind the scenes. Ashes loves yelling at people and punching them. Ashes is an all-knowing being out to destroy all good in the universe. Ashes has two cats and is your friend. Ashes is also incredibly, incredibly rude and mean, and Ashes is very sorry about everything they have ever done to you. Ashes is trying to start a new religion about being edgy and delusional, and you have to worship them.

Ashes is also an enormous nerd and geek and is involved in every fandom doing every embarrassing thing you can imagine and purposefully attempting to cause drama and wreak havoc. You should probably stop them, actually